Pedicures (does not includes gel polish)

Deluxe Pedicure                            $35

Enjoy yourself with this upgraded version that comes with Vitamin C. The scrubs refreshes your skin and hydrates it, restoring the moisture in it and exfoliate your legs. It also comes with 4 stones instead of only 2.

CND Pedicure                                  $45

Indulge in our refreshing, aromatic foot scrub with quartz crystals that will exfoliate your rough, dry feet leaving it soft and smooth. This spa pedicure comes with peppermint scrubs or milk&honey scrubs and paraffin wax that is very balmy and it will make your feet feel like brand new.

OPI Pedicure                                   $55

Rejuvenate yourself with our OPI organic scrubs with paraffin wax and hot stones. This luxurious pedicure comes with green tea or papaya sugar scrubs that get rid of your dry skin and giving you a relaxation feeling. Last but not least, feel our foot masque that will sure to cool your feet during the hot summer and warms you up during the cold winter.

Spearmint and Vanilla                      $65

This pedicure is the ultimate royal treatment for the socialites who spend most of their time on their feet. This pedicure focuses on relaxing your muscles by dipping in our hot bowl of raw ingredients of lemongrass and orange peels. The spearmint scrubs exfoliate your legs while the cooling cream gives your muscles a sense of relaxation. A royal treatment like this also comes with 6 hot stones for your legs with smoothing paraffin wax. That's not all, you will have organic sea salt in your water and oil to relieve stress and tension. Finish this off with our hydrating foot masque wrapped in warm steamed towels that will leave your feet and legs cleanse and moisturize. It's a perfect gift for your love one for special events.

Classic Pedicure                              $28

This pedicure is the basic needs for your feet. It includes trimming, cutting, and removing the callouses of your feet with 2 basic hot stones and towels. Top it off with a regular polish of your choice.

Add ons

Paraffin wax for classic pedicure ONLY      $5

Designs on 2 toes/fingers                       $5

French tips( white tips)                          $5

Gel polish change for feet/hands            $20

Hand treatments

Classic manicure                                                  $20

(includes cutting, trimming, shaping and a regular polish of your choice)

Gel color manicure                                               $35

Deluxe manicure                                                  $30

(Includes cutting, trimming and shaping with a regular polish of your choice. It also includes sugar scrubs, scented oil massage, paraffin wax, hot stones and hot towels)

Hot stones manicure                                            $35

(Includes cutting, trimming and shaping with a regular polish of your choice. It also includes scrubs, scented oil massage, paraffin wax, hot stones and hot towels)

Kid manicure ( 9 years-down )                             $15

Kid GEL manicure ( 9 years - down )                     $30

kid GEL polish  ( 9 years - down )                         $15

Regular polish for hands/feet                                $15

Gel polish for hands/feet                                      $20


      Eyebrows                             $10

      Lips                                    $6

      Chin                                   $15

     Whole face                                     $45 + UP

     Leg(s)                                            $40+UP

     Back                                              $60+UP

     Under-arm(s)                                  $30+UP

ACRYLICS ( fake nails)

Classic full sets                             $30+UP

White tips full set                          $40+UP

Pink and white full set                    $50+UP

Gel full set                                    $50+UP

Colored acrylic powder full set        $50+UP

Short Ombre full set                                    $55

Long Ombre full set                                     $65

Designs on 2 fingers                                    $5+UP

Dip powder                                                 $50+UP

Hard gel full set (w/ gel polish)                    $50+UP

Acrylic toes(s)                                            $5 each + UP

Toes full set                                               $50+UP


After getting a full set, your nails will grow out and a fill is what you need! (for fake nails only )

          Classic fill ( regular polish )                                                                     $20+UP

          White (French) tips fill                                                                             $20

          Pink & White fill                                                                                     $40+UP

          Colored powder fill (backfill)                                                                   $40+UP

          Gel fill                                                                                                 $40+UP

          Ombre fill                                                                                            $35+UP


 Best known type of body work


    Treatment session                                 50 minutes                                      80 minutes

    Deep tissues                                        $85                                                $135

    (includes hot stones)

    Swedish massage                                 $75                                                $115

    (includes hot stones)  


    Reflexology                                         $60                                                $90

    Mommy to be                                      $10 add on+

    Aromatherapy                                      $10 add on+  

    Cupping                                              $10 add on+                   

           Our massage hours is from Wednesday to Saturday 9:30 am to 7:00 pm, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY